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Welcome to the Dawn Shelley Lawrence Page!


In 1982, a young woman in her early thirties published a 272 page book called Reaching for the Other Side.  To the surprise of the publisher, this seemingly innocent book about psychic development and one woman's journey to understand her gifts and her life, became a best seller.
It was followed over the years by four more books, including the incredibly popular Edge of Reality.
In the years since Dawn was first published she has amassed a wide spectrum of admirers and fans, and fired a growing interest in her home country of Australia in psychic development and the 'supernatural'.
For those of us who became fans and friends of Dawn's because of her first series of books we knew her by a different name.  Since the last book in her five book cycle was published in 1996, Dawn has remarried, and her surname has of course changed.
But that was only the beginning.
Life is cyclic in many ways.  We're not doomed to repeat the same mistakes time and again, but each time the cycle returns to it's beginning we are offered the chance to "step up" to the next level in our development as physical, emotional, and Spiritual beings, and move closer to the centre and the reality of Spiritual union that awaits us.
Dawn has been growing, and the process has been both joyous and pain filled.
Dawn Shelley Lawrence is a slightly older, wiser version of the woman we all came to know as Dawn Hill.
In 1998 Dawn decided it was time to take a break.  She had been writing for fourteen years and lecturing and facilitating workshops in between.  She needed to return to who she was as a person, without the interuptions often inherant in an authors life, especially in the life of one who has known some celebrity.
For those unfamiliar with the final book in the 'Dawn Hill Series' - Love is the Answer.  What was the Question? - Dawn was diagnosed with a form of kidney disease.  Part of her withdrawel was to deal with that.  Using ancient Chinese medical remedies, energy work, and other 'esoteric' means, Dawn overcame her illness despite the predictions of convential, chemical based medicine.
Dawn retreated to a tiny seaside village in Victoria, on Port Phillip Bay, and went into semi-early retirement to heal, and not just from the illness she suffered, but from the scars and disappointments we all experience in this strange journey we call life.  There she lived alone, and grew to know herself as a woman and to discover that she actually liked her own company.  For the first time in her life she felt fulfilled by just being who she was, and by discovering some of her hitherto unknown depths as an individual.
There is a magickal saying in the faith of Wicca, it's what that religion terms "a mystery".  It goes:
"If that which you seek you find not within yourself, you will never find it without!"
Dawn had known love, but she'd never known the kind of love that literally blew your socks off!  As she grew to love herself, and to finally know herself to some degree, she found new love in the strangest of places.
Now, Dawn lives in the United States of America, and has done so since mid 1998.  She is now married to that man she met, and together they have made a life for themselves in that country.  That doesn't mean Dawn has forgotten Australia or her fans.  The exact opposite.  Though she has developed a keen love and deep respect for the American people, her love and respect for Australia and Australians, and of her fans world wide, remains unchanged.
Nor has she been resting on her laurels while in supposed semi-retirement.
Work has commenced on a new series of books, among other projects, details of which are of course under wraps.  The new cycle of work will be written in a similar style to the original five books, and will deal with content we will all find familiar - psychic development, personal development, and a dose of personal life experiences from the author to tie it all together and make it relevant to a still growing audience.  There is enough new material to make existing fans excited, and though in places some very familiar ground will be recovered, it will be done so from the perspective a woman who has seen a lot more and experienced a lot more than her younger self could have hoped to write about!

If you're new to Dawn, and her work, here's a little run down on this woman who has engendered so much love and respect from so many people around the world...

The Basics...

Dawn was born in Australia, on the island state of Tasmania, and grew up in that tiny community affected by and influenced by it's beliefs and way of life.  Much of these beliefs clashed with what Dawn felt intuitively on a deep level.  She was raised a Christian, and though she has never strayed from her faith in Christ or from her belief in some kind of Higher Power, her interpretation of the teachings of the Nazarene could leave some devout Christians with raised eyebrows!

Never the less, she is a dedicated Spiritualist, and advocate for the New Age and religious tolerance.

Dawn is, as well as being a dedicated and active member of the world wide Spiritual community, a mother to a son in his early thirties, a grandmother to an ever burgeoning tribe, the adopted mother to a few young people here and there, and a relatively sane and normal every day woman in her fifties.

She has been exploring Spirituality and humanity's supposed hidden and forgotten senses for most of her life.
In her explorations and adventures she has been enriched time and again by the people in her life - family, friends, fans, and complete strangers.
Dawn has been witness to both the best and worst of humanity, yet the worst of what we are capable of has never diminished her respect for our species or her belief in our potential.  She also believe that every person alive is psychic!  Whether you believe it or not.  Over the years, a lot of people have begun to agree with her!
In a journey that is well documented in her first two books (Reaching for the Other Side and Edge of Reality), Dawn has seen and experienced many things - some that come close to defying belief.

In exploring her path to knowledge and self discovery, Dawn has worked through three marriages, on again off again bouts with poverty, and the odd misplaced spook to name but a few challenges. Through each of the many situations she has faced she has prevailed.  And it hasn't been easy.  There is definately something to be said for grim determination in the face of sometimes overwhelming opposition.

Now, more than twenty years after her first book was published, Dawn's life is not what one would expect of a best selling author.  Because of this she is a constant source of inspiration, and a beautiful example of human perseverance, faith and Spirit.
A Few Facts...
Dawn Shelley Lawrence (chat handle: Shakena)

Launceston, Tasmania, 1946

Libra/Virgo (cusp)

Chinese Horoscope?
Year of the Dog.

First Married:
Dennis, 1967.

Dawn has only one biological child, his name is Darryl.  But she's adopted a few others in the years since Darryl's birth.

Second Marriage:
Roland, 1978.

Third Marriage:
Craig, 1992.

Final Marriage, and union with her Twin Flame:
Tony, 1999.

Twin Flames - Dawn and Tony

When Dawn married Tony she was delighted to gain three more children.  Two daughters (finally) - Makenzie and Brandy, and yet ANOTHER son, Tate.

But it doesn't stop there.  Dawn and Tony didn't feel their family was quite complete.  So they went ahead and adopted a few more 'children'.  These one's just don't have very good table manners.

Thunder and Calypso are two very beautiful German Shepherds.  The third new 'child' is a girl, Sunshine - a cat who is thankfully very tolerant of her doggie siblings.

Before Thunder, Calypso and the outnumbered Sunshine, there was also Freya. Freya sadly passed away not that long ago. There is a beautiful tribute page to Freya at Dawn's Personal Site.

First Published?

1982. Reaching for the Other Side.  The first book in the Dawn Hill Series, chronicling a specific period of the author's life and experiences.

Last of the Dawn Hill Series Published?

1996. Love is the Answer. What was the Question?

Any Current Writing Projects?

A new book - top secret! *wink* We'd tell you, but then we'd have to get you reincarnated!
Any other Projects?
A few!  But we can't tell you right now.

Favourite Food?

Shellfish and fruit.  Any kind of fruit - but she has a particular liking for strawberries and stone fruit.

Favourite Colour?


Favourite Quote?

"I too am willing to die for my cause, but there is no cause for which I am willing to kill. " Mahatma Gandhi.

Favourite Author?

Marion Zimmer Bradley.  Dawn's favourite non-fiction author is Joseph Campbell.

Favourite Film?

"Ghost" and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

As our beloved Shelley is such an animal fan, if she were an animal, what animal would she be?

A dolphin! And in her own words... "but aren't they mammals!"

What ever happened to her!?  I heard she was dead!!??

That was a popular rumour there for a while.  Let me assure you that reports of Dawn's death have been greatly exaggerated.  Either that or ghosts use telephones and computers now to communicate with the living.

Now to answer some questions that might be on the lips of many of her fans...

Where is she now?

Dawn swapped hemispheres in 1998 and currently resides in the lone star state of Texas, in the United States of America.  Thankfully the strong Texan accent has not erased her beautiful Aussie twang!

Why did Shelley move?  And why did she change her name?

Dawn moved from Australia to the US because she fell in love.  She and her husband realised via a strong psychic link that there was a very special and beautiful bond between them.

Instead of Tony moving to Australia, Dawn chose to leave everyone and everything she had ever known to move to the US because Tony still had children in their teenage years, going through the many complications any teenager will face.  Dawn's own son, Darryl, was an adult with his own family and well able to take care of himself.

Why did Dawn change her name?  Well, there are a number of good reasons for this. First, she remarried.  Second, her life had changed so much it felt right to accomadate that change.  But also in 1999, Pan Macmillan - the publishers of the Dawn Hill series of books - stopped printing copies of her work, and released her from her contract with them as they believed the books had no more sales life left.  With that, and with them no longer holding an option on any future work she produced, Dawn decided she'd like to tackle the world, and release a book on the American market, staking her claim in the massive and eclectic Spiritual community of the United States.

Problem was there was a Dawn Hill in the US already, writing books on esoteric subjects!

So the name change happened!

Perhaps the most poignant reason for Dawn's name change was because as a woman, as a mother, as a wife, and as an author she was starting a brand new life.  A life far different from the known and familiar, filled with uncertainties and new and perplexing challenges.  As her first months in the United States passed, Dawn began to realise that there were more reasons for her move to America than marrying the man she'd been waiting many life times for.

Then, at 51 years of age, Dawn was embarking on yet another voyage of self discovery and Spiritual revelation.  That voyage is not over yet!

One of the many inspirational things about Dawn as a person is the reality she lives as well as teaches:  you never stop learning, and you're never too old to change - or to do everything in your power to take hold of your life and make the most out of what you have.

"The Earth is undivided.  India and Pakistan and England and Germany exist only on maps, and those maps are created by the politicians, the power-mad people.  This whole Earth is yours."
- taken from Everyday Osho by Osho - copyright (c) 2002 The Osho International Foundation.